buy psilocybin mushroom for microdosing journey


    I’m a grower of a wide range of psilocybin shroom strains and I also deal with other psychedelic products such as DMT,MDMA,Magic mushroom capsules and some others.
    My products are the very best for cool trips and amazing visuals that you may want to try out.Most of my products are also very medicinal,potent enough to put an end to depressions,anxiety,insomnia and PTSD.

    We deal with the 6 different types of psychedelics:

    -ACID or LSD
    -DMT or Dimelthyltryptamine
    -Ololuiqui or morning glory
    -Magic mushrooms or Psilocybin shrooms
    -Peyote or Mescaline.

    Our prices are quite moderate and our shipments very safe too.We ship via USPS and FEDEX delivery agency.Shipments within states takes max 48 hours and at most 72 hours

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